Key Element Forms Key Element Forms

Design forms for collecting any type of form based data on mobile devices and desktop. Create standardised PDF reports and email results. Use to send data files to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Start simply

Use the example forms immediately, or design your own simple one-page forms.

Flexible design

Put more than just text fields and check boxes in your forms, use drop-down lists, date and time pickers, photos, drawings, signatures, option groups, counters, even calculated fields and logos.

Build complexity

Design complex forms with two levels, the parent form can have any number of different child forms attached to it.

Easy to maintain

A small in-app purchase validates a new form design for use. Validated forms can be filled in and used any number of times for free.

Versions - Downloads

Use the Desktop Editor or the iPad version to create your own 'Form Pack' templates. Once validated with a small in-App purchase, Form Packs can be used any number of times to create form data files - for free. Use the Desktop-Viewer to open and edit form data files and generate PDF reports. View the pricing structure here...

  • iPad Free
  • DESIGN new Form Packs
  • CREATE unlimited Form data files
  • OPEN Desktop data files
  • OUTPUT PDF reports
  • Available on the App Store
  • Desktop Free
  • VIEW existing Form Packs
  • CREATE unlimited Form data files
  • OPEN Mobile data files
  • OUTPUT PDF reports
  • Apple Mac
  • Other  
  • Other operating systems
  • Other devices
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Custom solutions
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Sample Content

Use these samples as they are or modify and validate them in the Editor to make them your own.

Default Form Pack

A basic Accident Investigation form. Shows how the two layered structure can work with multiple attachments.

Worker's Report of Injury

A more detailed report based on a form from WorkSafe BC. A single layer form with a signature panel for capturing signatures directly on the device.


An Injury and Illness Incident Report based on the US OSHA 301 form. A simple form that can be used to collect data from the field for central collation and reporting.

Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation

A good example with lots of calculated fields and conditional formatting. Other versions are available on request, with metric units or the lifting MAC from the UK.

Machinery Risk Assessment

Based on a process developed by Duncan Coates and Stephen Hewitt. Can be viewed in the Form Pack Editor but requires a validation purchase before use.

Observational Survey

An example using Counters to easily increment a number. Also uses calculated fields.

Editor User Manual

Read on for help creating your own forms using the Form Pack Editor, or view in PDF:

1. The Default Form Pack – Copy, Modify and Save

2. Create a New Form Pack

3. Modify an existing Form Pack

4. The Form Pack Editor

5. Saving Changes and Validating a Form Pack

6. Sending a Form Pack to other users

7. Database Integration and Enterprise Scalability